Unique Sporthorse Scheme

As elite sport horse owners we live with the constant risk of catastrophic losses, in particular mortality and total loss of use, on a daily basis.

The upfront premium, vets reports and endless form filling associated with conventional insurance is typically so prohibitive that we don’t insure, lacking vital peace of mind.

Equine Indemnity addresses this endemic industry problem. It mitigates risk, avoids upfront payment of premiums whilst covering more boutique risks - typically at a cost of 25% to 50% of conventional insurance contracts.

This is principally because unlike conventional insurance, no premiums, commissions or profit is involved.

A Game Changing Service

All aspects of the scheme, including new member applications, scope and levels of indemnity, as well as claims and arbitration are all decided by a transparent annual vote.

Each member casts a vote on all key issues and claims. This active participation helps to increase the value of the scheme whilst mitigating both fraudulent and exaggerated claims.

Each member pays an annual flat fee, irrespective of the number of horses they own. In addition, they also pay a small notional monthly membership fee per horse on risk.

Each member shares the risk with each other member up to a maximum limit of 2.5%. Uniquely, if there are no claims, then there is no ‘premium’ to pay. It’s as simple as that.

No Upfront Premiums

The scheme exclusively covers high-hazard catastrophic risk, which - as standard - includes the following combined risks:

  • mortality (comprehensive death & death whilst operating)
  • total loss of use (for the use of professional showjumping)

This does not affect any existing vets fee’s, public liability or other insurances. Think of Equine Indemnity as a ‘bolt-on’.

Sound FEI affiliated horses, typically between £20,000 and £75,000, or £100,000 upwards are openly accommodated.

Whilst there is no upper-limit on value, the scheme will only initially respond to claims up to £350,000 sterling per claim.

Premiums are now a thing of the past. Members simply indemnify each other - subject to strict community rules.